Swipe Right for Gary

You CAN judge a Gary – or non-Gary – by his profile pic.

Full disclosure: I am not an online dating expert. I have never experienced what I’ve been told can be quite horrific online dating, and I have never signed up for a dating site. So for this blog I will be drawing from what I have observed from friends showing me pictures of what’s out there (for a second I thought they signed up for a porn site, judging from how many pics showed men wearing l-know-you-want-to-lick-my-rock-hard-abs-as-I-give-you-my-best-come-fuck-me-stares instead of wearing a hint of actual clothing).

Now, I’m not saying a potential Gary has to be wearing a snowsuit. Just like girls posting pics to dating sites don’t have to dress like they just walked off from the Little House on the Prairie set. But if your dating profile photo might make others think they landed on an x-rated site (come on, I know I’m not the only one who thought this!), chances are high you are looking for a quick booty call, and chances are low for a serious relationship. And ladies, I want to believe deep down you know this.

Think about the message you’re trying to send with your own online dating profile pic. Are you doing something athletic? Then I’m guessing you want to show you are into sports, with the hopes of perhaps attracting a potential Gary with the same interest. Are you cuddling your cat? Baking cupcakes? Standing atop a mountain you just climbed? You get my point. You know what you’re hoping your profile photo says about you, just like the half naked men know who they are trying to attract.

And if you want a booty call, by all means, go get your freak on. But if you desire something more serious than a bang or two (or 12), I’m going to take the position potential Garys will leave something to the imagination and not look like they are posing for a magazine’s special edition of naked athletes. Of course, buttoned-up polo pics don’t automatically guarantee Gary, and the guys in the aforementioned lickable ab photos might be your Gary in shining armour. I’m simply focusing on a ‘chances are’ type of scenario. If you choose to pursue Mr. Lickable, I suggest doing so with extra caution. Someone I know, who was looking for true love, only seemed to want these guys. And she seemed shocked every time they sent her dick pics almost immediately. Yes, Mr. Buttoned-Up could very well also do this, but we are talking about the more common situations. Flesh pics might be the norm these days, but they are likely not the Gary.

Disagree with me? Has a Mr. Lickable turned into a Gary? I want to hear all about it!

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The Gary Club: you’re either IN or you’re OUT.

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