Putting Out For Gary

That got your attention, didn’t it?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am not talking about anything sexual (although if you want to get all sexy with your Gary, go for it). I am talking about how some people feel they deserve the world from their guy, but refuse to give the world in return. We all know these people, and perhaps some of us ARE these people (although who is actually going to admit it?). You know the type: they spend an annoyingly amount of time bitching about their significant other, yammering on and on (and on and on) about how much of a fuck up their guy is in countless ways. You’d think the guy was her worst enemy judging by the amount of negativity that spews out of her. If he doesn’t live up to her impossibly high standards he’s labeled all things bad. No one is worse than this guy. But just how awesome is she? I’m going to guess not very. Of course, she won’t see it that way. She’s the best thing since The Golden Girls. She’s the epitome of super star, a queen who should be bowed to because she’s, you know, a super star. She deserves to be treated like she’s doing him a huge favour by being his girlfriend. Because she’s awesome. She’s the best. No one will ever be as good for him as she is. I mean, heck, she ALLOWS him to see his friends. She doesn’t stay mad for TOO LONG when he wants to call it an early night because he’s tired, has to break plans because of work obligations, or has to suddenly head to the airport because his mother is in the hospital. Oh, and OF COURSE she values his opinions – as long as they align with hers. And if they don’t, well it doesn’t really matter, because she’ll whine and yell until he just shuts up about it. Ladies, if this sounds like someone you know – or sounds like you – pay close attention to this next part.

If you want any hope this relationship won’t implode at any moment, you need to change your ways. Hence, putting out for Gary. Because you know what? Nobody is perfect. Including you. And if he’s truly a Gary, you might want to think about keeping this guy. And not only keep him, but keep him HAPPY. This means getting off your high horse and giving yourself a kick in the ass. Time to throw out the my-shit-don’t-stink attitude and heap high doses of respect onto someone who is this close to being done with your bowel movements.

In short, put out, or he will get out.

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The Gary Club: you’re either IN or you’re OUT.

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