The Garys of Gilmore Girls

So I’m a little (a lot) late to the party, but I recently finished watching the entire Gilmore Girls series (I watched episodes here and there during its initial run, but really needed to start from the beginning to better understand the characters/story lines) and A Year in the Life, and thought breaking down the men of Stars Hollow into Garys and non-Garys would be fun.

Let’s start with Rory’s three serious relationships, shall we?

Dean. I think Dean could have been a Gary, but like I’ve said before, just because you meet a Gary doesn’t mean you have to be with him. Yes, Rory felt safe with Dean, and was clearly still harbouring guilt about how horribly she treated him years later (that’s the impression I got from their brief scene in A Year in the Life), but that doesn’t mean they are meant to be together. She knows it, he knows it, time to move on.

Jess. Jess falls perfectly into the If Not Now, Maybe Later category. I really didn’t like him much during the series. While I felt he did care for Rory, his bitter, anti-everything, hate-on for everyone attitude was such an incredible turn-off to anything that could potentially be good. Rory deserved better than a boyfriend who left town without saying goodbye and didn’t even have the balls to muster a few words after calling her repeatedly. But in A Year in the Life, we see Jess has matured. Like a lot. He totally has the potential to be a Gary now. Ya. Team Jess (Gary) all the way!

Logan. I struggle with this. At first I didn’t care much for him, but he slowly grew on me. I kept waiting for him to turn into an asshole (I fully side with him about the whole being broken up and not cheating on her thing. I’m sorry, but if you don’t talk to your significant other for weeks, that’s a breakup, not simply being on a break, as Rory argued) but he never did. He treated her like a queen and even proposed, but was shot down. In A Year in the Life, I got the impression Rory was the one stopping them from being together, even though it was never discussed. So is Logan a Gary? Is he not a Gary? Ugh. It’s not clear to me. I think only Rory can answer that.

Now onto the loves of Lorelai.

Christopher. They might have a kid together and a long history, but that does not a Gary make. He’s out. A connection and chemistry always seemed to be lacking, whether it was because they didn’t truly have these things or Lorelai was simply holding back. They just didn’t work.

Max. Nice guy, but wasn’t a Gary. Not a good match for Lorelai. Zero meshing. I wasn’t sad to see that fizzle out.

Jason. While I was very entertained by their lightning fast quick witted banter, that pretty much sums up all the positive aspects of their relationship. His OCD would be impossible for Lorelai to deal with long-term (he didn’t like sharing his bed), the lawsuit he launched against her father would further deteriorate the relationship she had with her parents, and he was too much of a big-city guy for her. Bye.

Luke. Sigh. My love. The perfect man. And the perfect man for Lorelai. I don’t think I really need to dive deep into why he’s a Gary, do I? No I don’t. A gal needs something, or someone, she can depend on, and Luke always played that role. Not to mention he was madly in love with her and treated her like gold. One thousand per cent a Gary.

*Note: I know Lorelai cheated on him with Christopher, but this isn’t about whether SHE’S good for HIM; it’s about whether HE’S good for HER.


Jackson. Definitely Sookie’s Gary.

Richard. He might not have been truthful about his decades-long friendship with an ex-girlfriend, but overall he was a Gary to Emily.

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The Gary Club: you’re either IN or you’re OUT.

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