About Gary

For those of you wondering, just who is this Gary fellow and why do I need him, I hope this explanation helps to answer that all-important question.
Essentially, Gary is going to be the name given to compatible love interests for serious relationships. To increase your happiness factor, therefore increasing your chances of the union working out, you want your guy (or a member of a different sex) to be a Gary.

Here are some ways Gary can be used in a sentence:

• “I went out with this guy last night, but he’s so not a Gary and therefore poof be gone.”
• “I went out with this guy last night, and he could be a Gary! Can’t wait to see him again.”
• “My guy and I have nothing in common, we aren’t on the same page, and we fight constantly. I don’t think he’s a Gary.”
• “I really need to find a Gary, I’m so done dealing with men who aren’t right for me.”
• “Does anyone have a potential Gary for me or know someone who does?”
• “My guy and I are madly in love, travel the world together, and always have each other’s backs. I’ve found my Gary!”

From what The Gary Club is and isn’t, to knowing if you have a Gary, to figuring out the next steps once you land yourself a Gary, this blog will guide you towards true relationship happiness. All you need to do is follow the rules.

The Gary Club: you’re either IN or you’re OUT.