Gary is a Test of Patience

I am not the most patient person. This is something I have struggled with since, oh, probably my entire existence. I even have a tattoo of the Chinese character for patience as a reminder I constantly need it. And I always wondered when, and how, this elusive thing called patience would really, truly test me.
The Gary Club tests patience in many ways, but two stand out: waiting to get into a serious relationship until you meet a guy you can call Gary, and what follows once you land a Gary.

Let’s start with the former. I know I have touched on this in previous blogs, but I cannot stress just how incredibly imperative it is to hold off on commitment until you experience the magic that is Gary. Now don’t roll your eyes at the cheesiness. I hate to say this (because I hate when people use this line) but you truly won’t understand Gary magic until you experience it for yourself. Until you meet the one who you can call your soulmate (if you believe in soulmates), until you meet the one who makes you forget about all the non-Garys, until you meet the one who makes you want to work out problems instead of just throwing in the towel. You will instinctively feel when Gary is in your life. A real Gary. Not one you lie to convince yourself is Gary. And you know the lie is true. I know things can get lonely as you wait for Gary, but is heartache, headache, and every other type of ache better? Do yourself a favour and say no to Gary the Lie and yes to Gary the Fly (you know, as in cool).

Now onto the latter, and I dare say, harder part of Gary patience. I suggest checking out the I Have a Gary, Now What? blog for more on this, but it really comes down to wanting to make things work – and knowing the effort, which might require patience at times, is well worth it. And showing patience will not likely be a one-time thing. Oh no. Patience will rear its head many, many times. But as frustrating as it could be, it will also test you as a person and teach you things about yourself you might not have known. And that could be what’s truly magical.

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The Gary Club: You’re either IN or you’re OUT.

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